Friday, October 17, 2014

Scuba Time

I went scuba diving this week! It's a pretty cool story how it happened. I had previously gotten Open Water Certified in August, which means I can dive down to 60ft deep. When I got certified, I also bought fins and snorkel from the shop. Two weeks ago I went snorkeling with my friends and my snorkel had a hole in it, so it kept filling up with water! So i went to the shop to return it, and the shop was under new ownership. The new owner, Mike hooked me up anyways with a new snorkel and said if I want to come by the shop and go out and scuba, he goes all the time by the jetti in mission beach/bay. So I dropped by the shop on Wednesday this week and went out with him and his friend. It was sweet! There were a couple seals that swam by us and we saw a lot of wildlife in the jetti rocks....goes down to about 30 ft. I really hit it off with the new owners and we struck a deal. They will take me out scuba diving whenever I want in exchange for some volunteer time on my part, helping put the new shop together and getting it up and running. It's a sweet gig and I'm learning a lot about scuba gear, equipment, etc. as well as how to start up a new company. If any of you are interested in getting scuba certified I say do it! It's awesome, quite a cool experience being in the world below land. The shop that I am helping out at used to be PB Sports and a new name is coming soon. Later!

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